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About Us

You may well know, that beer arrived to Europe at around 5000 BC. Across Northern Europe you find what could be called the “Beer Belt” which stretches from Ireland in the west, through the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Northern France, Germany, Czech into Northern Europe.   Our aim is to carefully select only very best represented beer tastes from all “Beer Belt” countries. In cooperation with most carefully selected, heritage breweries around the Europe, we are making best beer available worldwide.

The idea to gather best regional beer under one roof, was born in early 2009.

Three master brewers from Czech, Germany and Belgium breweries together with a beer sommelier from UK were having a dinner after beer exhibition. Discussing differences and trying to agree on which country is best for beer. The only thing, they could agree on, was - there is no best. So we build this company and have traveled, tasted, compared many samples, gained the knowledge and technological insights from countries best known for their ingrained beer culture.. Carefully sampling different hops and malt in variety of combinations we are proud to introduce the taste finalists which we hope will astonish you as much as it satisfied us.


You don’t have to guess if its going to be a good beer anymore. Just pick a country and its beer.

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